Long-term success is only possible if we both work together. This is why an important part of our work is devoted to providing our patients with information and advice, in order to nip any possible dental problems in the bud. We work with high quality dental prostheses, we strive to preserve your own teeth with the aid of root canal treatments and apply different procedures to stop periodontal disorders. Aesthetic procedures such as bleaching and crowning are also part of our service spectrum.


Our services at a glance:




  • » Prophylaxis

    Healthy, white teeth radiate vitality and energy. With the aid of regular, professional cleaning you can keep your teeth for the rest of your life. Prophylaxis involves the removal of hard and soft dental plaque, the teeth are then polished and finally fluoridated. We also advise you about any possible ailments that you personally might be susceptible to and provide tips to improve your oral hygiene. If you are not particularly thrilled with the colour of your teeth, ask about our bleaching methods.

  • » Periodontology

    In the case of periodontitis, pathogens (bacteria) penetrate into the space between gum and tooth, causing inflammation and dissolution of the tissue. If left untreated, periodontitis can lead to various diseases such as liver and kidney infections, diabetes or pregnancy complications. If it is detected too late or insufficiently treated, it leads to a loss of the tooth. This is why it is so important to detect and treat inflammation quickly.  See also www.micro-IDent.de

  • » Pediatric Dentistry

    Healthy teeth right from the start. This is ensured by consistent dental care right from the child’s very first milk tooth. We advise parents on brushing techniques for small children, on how to prevent tooth decay and on the best orthodontic treatments. When children come to our practice they are issued with a children's prophylaxis passport, which not only provides the parents with important information, but also lists all current treatments and appointment reminders.

  • » Bleaching

    Many people feel that a discolouration of one’s teeth is disturbing. By bleaching, the dentist can lighten individual dark spots or all of one’s teeth in a gentle way.

  • » Correction Of Misaligned Teeth

    With the help of invisible positioning rails we provide orthodontic treatments for adults without any disturbing and visible metal wires. In addition, we offer the insertion of veneers  (ceramic covers) to close smaller gaps or to shape the teeth more harmoniously.

  • » Functional Diagnostics

    In the case of problems with a patient’s overall dental structure, it is not sufficient to restrict the diagnosis and therapy to the teeth alone. It is also important to look at the interplay of the muscles, jaw joints, teeth and the whole body system, in order to detect any possible disorders.

  • » Bruxism Treatment (teeth grinding)

    About a third of all people are affected by Bruxism, i.e. teeth grinding and jaw pressing. The cause of this can be stress, but also malocclusion - a misaligned bite. As this mostly unconscious activity generates other far-reaching negative effects, such as overexertion of the periodontal apparatus, gum infections, as well as  painful tensions, we use occlusal biting blocks which prevent further abrasion and damage to the teeth and also relax the jaw joints. These will be prepared for you in our laboratory and are covered by Germany’s state insurance scheme (no additional payment for legally insured patients).

  • » Low-Radiation Digital X-ray

    X-ray imaging is an important measure in dental medicine to detect changes or caries areas that are not visible through normal visual inspection. With digital X-ray technology, this can be done with a significantly reduced radiation dose, and the image is available in seconds for diagnosis.

  • » Dental Surgery Of The Gums And Laser Therapy

    Problems with the gums can be complex: shrinking of the gums and the ensuing exposure of tooth necks, thickening and swelling of gums ... the consequences are not only of an aesthetic nature, but often are also very painful. The gums are therefore corrected again using all kinds of different therapies, one of which is the laser, which can be used very precisely and gently.

  • » Preprosthetic Surgery

    It is not always possible to securely anchor a prosthesis in the upper or lower jaw. Especially with prostheses, however, it is immensely important for them to fit reliably and comfortably, if the patient’s quality of life is to be ensured. Preprosthetic surgery improves prosthesis support so that it can be anchored without pain and without complications.

  • » Endodontics (root canal treatment)

    When bacteria have penetrated into the interior of the teeth, they can cause painful inflammation there. With the help of precision instruments the bacteria must be removed from the root canal and the canal must be sealed into a sterile, germ-free state. The goal of this treatment is to save the tooth.

  • » Root End Surgery (apicoectomy)

    In certain cases it may be necessary to remove the end of the tooth root, for example, if the inflammation does not recede despite root treatment or if the root canal can not be treated. In most cases, this method means the tooth can be saved.

  • » Implants

    If a tooth needs to be replaced, this can be done using an implant. Individual teeth or prostheses can be anchored directly over the implant, any additional attachment to the neighbouring teeth is not necessary. See also CAMLOG  und Straumann.

  • » Non-Metallic Ceramics, Inlays, Veneers, Crowns, Bridges

    If a tooth has to be veneered, we use high-quality material, which matches the structure and colour of the patient’s other teeth. This is intended to ensure that not only the function is restored, but also that the materials optically blend together harmoniously. See also biodentis.

  • » Dental Treatment Without Pain And Anxiety

    Going to the dentist often triggers an inexplicable fear in some people - it is our job to allay this fear. For this purpose, we have different strategies, which we discuss with you, in order to make the necessary treatment as painless and easy as possible.

  • » A Second Opinion

    You are unsure whether a treatment suggested by your dentist is the right solution for your problem? Why not let us take a look at your teeth and advise you about the possible treatment options.

  • » Our Practice Has Its Own Laboratory

    Our practice also has its our own dental laboratory where we can carry out a lot of work right on the spot. We also work closely with Munich's Meisterlaboren (specialist dental labs).